Public Engagement

The VADA project is interested in contributing to wider understanding of the challenges and opportunities relating to big data, in particular around data wrangling.  If you would be interested in having a contribution from VADA to an event that reaches a general audience, please let us know.

The following are examples of events to which we have contributed:

December 2016: The Translational Scientist Interview.  Norman Paton is among three data scientists interviewed about Big Data: what it is, what challenges it presents, and how to handle data quality.

July 2016: European Science Open Forum: Big data analytics: smart businesses operating in big data environments. Norman Paton contributed to a panel discussion on big data analytics, in particular focusing on the need for advances in cost-effective data wrangling for domains in which there are rapidly growing numbers of data sources. A video of the opening presentations for this panel is available at:

June 2015: Manchester Informatics and OCF Big Data Symposium. In collaboration with OCL, this symposium featured presenters from Future Cities/Manchester City Council, SKA, ARM, Oracle and the University, to highlight the latest projects and themes currently being investigated in this rapidly growing field. Norman Paton contributed on data wrangling.